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Triggered To Heal: Using Triggers to Heal Yourself (Ebook & Audiobook)


Get clarity on what triggers are, the bigger perspective of how they work, how to find the origin of what got triggered, and what to do about it when you do!


“Triggered” is kind of a byword in our times. But what is it, really?
So many times we get triggered without even realizing it!
How do we know we’ve been triggered? How can we tell the difference between being triggered and actual violations?
And if we do notice it, what do we do about it?

Triggers are actually a benefit to us because we can access and heal buried trauma, fears, negative self-beliefs, ancestral energies, as well as lots of other hidden stuff that drags us down.

Triggers are rich material for inner healing, even though they are definitely not fun!

In this brand new ebook and audio, get some clarity about what triggers are, what kinds of things can get triggered, and how to use them to go within and do deeper healing.

Also get some perspectives on how to handle it when other people are triggered by you – those very tricky situations!

Included are instructions for getting answers from your body, finding hidden emotions, and using your body to communicate with anything in creation. This is the basis for intuitive telepathic skill development!

Get immediate download of the ebook as well as audiobook version.



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