If your farm, ranch, property, or business operation isn't thriving or isn't functioning at optimum, and you can't figure out why, it can be very frustrating and perplexing, especially if you’ve tried everything you know to do.

Or perhaps you are already doing everything you can to ensure optimal performance, and you want to take it up a notch! You want the highest level of support for your operation and your animals.

Sometimes, in spite of your best efforts, something just feels ‘off’ or ‘not quite right’ and you can’t put your finger on it. In these cases, it could be that something is energetically disturbing the space, or the energies are not balanced.

Energetic issues and imbalances can be resolved in very powerful ways, with high-potency light vortices, invisible light processes, assistance from higher-dimensional beings, and working with animals and the earth. It is very possible to create a thriving living and working space for you, your home, your ranch or farm, your business, and your animals.

Is This You?

If these things are going on, you can feel anxious, stressed, overwhelmed, and simply frustrated!

  • ANIMAL ANXIETY: Animals are stressed, not resting properly or sufficiently, or are displaying symptoms of anxiety
  • ANIMAL REPRODUCTION: There have been an unusual amount of birthing/foaling/calving and reproductive problems
  • ANIMAL HEALTH: Overall animal health, or the health of certain animals, is not optimum, and there seems to be no explanation
  • HAY: Quality of hay from your fields is under quality, compared to average (or average years) – or animals are avoiding certain places in the pasture that have usually been okay
  • FEED: Something is off with the animals’ feed, which is unusual, and without solid explanation
  • WATER: Something seems off about the water supply, and water testing has not yielded sufficient explanation
  • STRING OF ‘PROBLEMS’: You have had a string of ‘problems’ of any variety, and it doesn’t make sense
  • THE OVERALL ‘FEEL’: Something just feels ‘off’ – whether on the ranch as a whole, in certain pastures or paddocks, in the barn or other enclosures, or in certain places
  • LACK OF PEACE: There is a lack of peace and harmony on the property or ranch, however you feel it or perceive it or describe it.

Maybe you’ve tried these and it hasn’t been enough

  • Veterinary care – animals are being well cared-for by the vet and no specific problems have been found
  • Checking and ensuring the quality of farm-produced hay and pasture feed, insofar as is possible
  • Ensuring they have quality feed that meets nutritional requirements, and enriching the feed if necessary or providing supplemental nutrients
  • Testing the water supply for toxins, bacteria, or imbalances, etc
  • Regularly cleaning indoor (and outdoor) animal premises to prevent health problems
  • Changing the arrangement of animals sharing enclosures
  • Ensuring animals have enough outdoor exposure (to sunshine, nature, and fresh air), and space or opportunity to move around, as much as is reasonably possible
  • Testing for EMF radiation levels at various places on the property

What would you like to see?

 * Animals are feeding well, and peacefully resting

 * Animal vitality and vigour is high, and they are all healthy

 * Show or competition horses are performing at optimum

 * All areas of the pasture are thriving, and being utilized

 * Crop and hay yields are high & good quality

 * All areas of the farm or ranch are thriving:

    > plant growth (pastures and fields)

    > animal health and vitality

    > animal performance and productivity

    > animal reproduction

    > day-to-day operations

    > business interactions and connections

    > finances

 * The humans are happy and healthy too!

What kinds of things can cause energy disturbances? 

  • Energy imbalances in various places on the property, or as a whole
  • Disruptions in underground water streams or energy ley lines
  • Ancestral ‘echoes’ in the land, on the property, and/or in the buildings
  • Residual energies (or energy ‘echoes’) from previous owners or tenants
  • Energy ‘echoes’ in the land from battles, slaughter, or trauma of previous individuals, families, tribes, groups, or civilizations
  • Projected negative energies from others, in the present day or continuing from the past
  • Air toxins that are not being measured
  • Any kind of ‘curses’ (ancestral or otherwise)
  • Emotional or psychological trauma of animals or present-day owners
  • Ancient imbalances in the land or land use that cannot be measured with traditional methods
  • Some overlooked area of farm maintenance or farm organization that can cause unexpected problems or challenges in other areas
These kinds of things can be intuitively discovered, and remedied with higher-dimensional tools and assistance from very powerful higher-dimensional beings.  There is no one-size-fits-all kind of solution, since each situation is unique and requires unique treatment.

Higher-dimensional work that can be done

CLEARING ENERGIES - clearing energies that are low-frequency, including residual energies, ancestral energies and attachments, non-physical entity attachments, historical traumas on the land (including aboriginal traumas), curses (ancestral or otherwise), and other projected or embedded energies, as necessary. 

TRANSFORMING ISSUES - intuitively finding the issues and concerns that affect the land, flora, fauna, and humans, and collaborating with other-dimensional beings to resolve them.

BALANCING ENERGIES - includes balancing the vortices of the location, creating and managing portals (with higher-dimensional beings), restoring integrity of ley lines and water, and doing whatever else is required to bring energies into balance.  Natural materials (such as stones, wood, and vegetation) may be used in this process.

SHIELDING AND PROTECTING - protecting the entire property with light, including EMF shielding, force fields, shields of various kinds, and enlisting the assistance of higher-dimensional beings. 

RAISING THE VIBRATION - using light frequencies to raise the overall vibrational frequency and keep it that way

ENRICHING THE FREQUENCIES - adding whatever frequencies are required to enrich the energies so that the earth, trees, flora, and fauna can thrive. These may be solar, crystalline, mineral, or higher-dimensional of various descriptions!

ALSO...PRACTICAL OBSERVATIONS AND DISCUSSION - some observations may be offered, from an outsider’s perspective, on some areas that may benefit from practical, do-able transformations or alterations.  Perhaps there can be creative solutions or possibilities that do not require extensive financial outlay.

Other Offerings in Addition to Landwork Projects

ANIMAL INDIVIDUAL SESSIONS - If certain animals have specific problems or challenges, individual sessions with those animals can be arranged separately - or they may be referred to another practitioner.  Sessions would include communicating intuitively with the animal, providing energy clearing and rebalancing of emotional, psychological, traumatic, and underlying energetic issues. 

HUMAN INDIVIDUAL SESSIONS - If personal sessions for owners, trainers, family, or employees are desired, these too can be arranged separately.  Personal challenges (emotional, past trauma, psychological, mental health, etc) can impact the overall health of the entire farm or ranch – do not underestimate your impact and influence on all life that is in your domain.  YOU are the key that holds it all together, overwhelming as that may sometimes feel!

What is lightwork?

Lightwork, in my work at least, has at its core the use of a standing columnar wave of non-Hertzian light (cannot be measured in Hz), which is created with 4 layers of spinning light strategically distanced, and spinning in balanced opposition.

This light column has multitudes of uses and applications.  The ‘light material’ it is made of (sometimes called ‘tachyon energy’) can also be used in myriad other ways for an infinite number of purposes, which I discover as needed. Basically I am creating a variety of light structures that are not visible to the naked eye, but can be felt and perceived by some.

This organic light technology is ancient in origin, and has been used extensively in the universe, both for good purposes and not so good. It is simply a very powerful multi-realm, multi-dimensional technology that I use only as intuitively guided, and with very clear intention to be congruent with what is in the highest benefit for all.

As well as using light technology, I work with archangels, dragons, elementals, galactics, and other higher-dimensional beings (again, not visible to the human eye), who assist in doing amazing things that would seem to us simply miraculous. Their work is very powerful, very thorough, and very fast.

The shamanic element of this work is simply the ability to access multiple dimensions and realities, and to facilitate others to do so, as well as a deep connection with the earth. The focus of true ancient shamans is simply Oneness. The shamanic element enables me to access heights and depths, polarities and opposites, in all creation, to facilitate whatever is required in what I am being guided to do. 

How did this work come about?

I started doing lightwork for the planet in 2017 using light technology and sacred geometry, working with geographical features of the planet, ley lines and energetic grids, various cities and points of geopolitical power.  This was all intuitively guided, and the instruction was intuitive also!

Lightwork and space clearing & rebalancing for business spaces, homes, and public forests has been ongoing since 2017. 

In 2022 I completed an extensive farm project in Lanark County, near Ottawa. Specific techniques for doing lightwork for private land (in this case a working farm) came into clear view.  I recorded almost everything that was done with both the animals and the land, and everything that is listed as part of what I do, was also done in this project . Each session was intuitively guided, often prompted by the farm animals, and I worked with a ‘big team’ of trillions of (unseen) beings who have a very real interest in raising the light frequency of our planet, working with whomever is willing to participate.

 The kinds of roles and abilities I bring to this work are Galactic Shaman, Land Magus, Light Vortex Expert, and Ancient Elder.  This is part of my larger ‘job’ on the planet at this time.

There's a deep sense of peace here now.

Safety, rest, and contentment.

D.H. - Farm owner

“The biggest thing I have noticed is the deep sense of peace here now.  Peace. Contentment. Safety. Rest. So many things are getting done with ease, and all the animals are at rest too—I don’t remember seeing the cows lying down so much. Also, I now feel sovereign on my own land, and people who seemed like they wanted to take advantage are not a problem now.”

“This spring we had a string of [perplexing] animal deaths, and since the landwork started, we have had all healthy births (cattle and sheep).”

“Unpleasant (human) energies seem to be contained, and are not harmful to the farm or to the work that’s been done here.”


I provide a free on-site estimate that includes general issues likely to be addressed (specific details often emerge as the work is being done), possible phases (or sessions) of work if applicable, and fee quotations.  The quoted fee depends on the size of the area, scope of the project, and complexity of the work.

I will visit key places on the property to do the estimate, as well as the actual work. Since the work is multi-dimensional and I work with high-frequency invisible light, there is not a lot of visible flash or show, and it may look like I am standing somewhere meditating. When I do vortex rebalancing, there is physical work of finding rocks, creating grids, and then doing the lightwork at the energy vortex (which looks like meditating!). 

I usually keep track of what I do, so I can give you an idea afterwards of the kinds of issues that came up, and the kinds of remedies or light structures that I created.  This work is intuitively guided in real time, and I work with a large number of higher-dimensional beings, so I cannot predict with any accuracy what exactly I will be doing in a session.  However, I can report afterwards!


Who this is for:

  • Farm or ranch owners, home owners, property owners, business owners
  • People who desire their space to be maximally supportive for all life – animals, plants, trees, and humans
  • People who have a desire for optimum thriving, performance, production, & reproduction of animals on the property (farm or ranch) – and have a desire for all the humans to thrive too!
  • People who are willing to take whatever steps are necessary (and financially reasonable) to achieve that thriving, including veterinary care; practical organization, maintenance, and resource management of the property; and personal mindset transformation.
  • People who are familiar with some kind of energy work, or at least have confidence in the existence of unseen energies and their power to have an effect on the health, vitality and well-being of animals, plants, and humans.

Who this is not for:

  • People who do not have agency or permission to make necessary (temporary) changes to buildings or property. Work can be done on rented land and rented properties, but know that there may be some limits due to owners' energetic attachments.
  • People who are very skeptical of anything to do with energies, invisible light, or entities. This is not likely the best investment at this time; it may be better to put practical solutions into place as much as possible first.  (This is recommended anyway!)
  • People who expect energy work or lightwork (landwork) to be a ‘fix-all’ that replaces common-sense, practical, physical management of resources, property, land, and animals. These things are still required! There may be information and skills that are helpful or necessary in addition to energy lightwork.


  • Provide safe access to all parts of the property for assessment and for lightwork/landwork
  • Provide known history of the property and the operation, informally. (This info will speed up the assessment.)
  • Be clear about what problems you are experiencing or have experienced, what concerns you have, what challenges there have been historically, what you would like to have happen, and what you are aiming for.
  • Take care of minor changes that may come up in the energy assessment or lightwork. These of course are optional; however, they may be necessary to achieve the desired outcome.
  • Be willing to be involved in certain sessions if your presence or energy authorization is required for successful work.


* Free on-site estimate for farms, ranches or properties (no travel charge if within one hour drive)

* Lightwork/Landwork Sessions, Energy Clearing and Rebalancing, Vortex Balancing, etc – whatever is required and intuitively guided to be done. Number of sessions or days varies, and is outlined on the estimate.

* Suggestions for practical changes or additions that may be helpful

* Checking the energy of particular animals if requested (to see if sessions with them would be beneficial)

* Summary of work done

* Follow-up check-in at two weeks, and follow-up review at one month (approx.), likely via phone.


* Travel expenses if over one hour travel is required

* Individual energy balancing sessions for animals

* Individual energy balancing sessions for humans

* Materials required to supplement feed or land

* Materials suggested for energetic rebalancing of indoor spaces (such as plants, cleaning, objects, etc)

* Crystals. Local natural materials will be used for landwork. If crystals are required for indoor spaces, crystalline frequencies can be infused into the light-work, and if physical crystals are supplied, there will be additional fees.

* Follow-up sessions, if required, once the contracted work is completed. Sometimes events or human activities or visitors on the property leave energies that need to be cleared.

How does pricing and payment work?

This is powerful work that brings profound results. The quoted fee for energy landwork for ranches, farms, industries and properties depends on the size of the property, scope of the project, and complexity of the work required.  A bigger project can be broken down into phases to spread out the payment.

Travel expenses may be additional if more than one hour travel is required ($30/hour of travel).

25% of the fee is required to book the work; 30% is due halfway through (if the project is more than one day); and the remainder is due upon completion. There may be some alternative fee schedule if it is a longer multi-phase project. Payment can be made via bank e-transfer in Canada (preferred).  Other arrangements can be made as necessary.

For Energy Clearing and Rebalancing of Homes and Businesses,


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About Linda

Linda has been doing powerful lightwork with the earth and its landforms since 2017. She brings to this work the roles and abilities of Galactic Shaman, Land Magus, Light Vortex Expert, and Ancient Elder.

Not only does she use powerful vortices of light in her work (extremely high frequency light), she taps into the deep energies of the earth realm, and the multi-dimensional realms of elementals and archangels.  She collaborates with trillions of multi-dimensional beings in this work, and the effect is truly magical and powerful.

Some recent grids created for vortex balancing work (below). This was part of an extensive project for a 200-acre farm.

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