Go Deeper

Do you wonder if you’re here on earth for a reason, but you’re not sure what direction to go?

You thought life was going along the way it should be – but things have changed for you inside and you’re not sure exactly why.  

You don’t know what’s happening to you.  You wonder if there’s something wrong with you, or if you’re going crazy, or if you’re having a mental breakdown, or if maybe you have some kind of hidden problem.

Maybe you’re not really satisfied with your job anymore; it’s lost its meaning, and you wonder if your heart is calling you in a different direction.  You start thinking about a deeper purpose, and you’re wondering what that might be.

You feel different and strange and alone – who can you talk to?  It feels pretty big, too, and kind of scary.  

Maybe you’ve tried a bunch of stuff and it hasn’t worked.  And you still don’t know what’s going on or what direction to go.  You’re frustrated.

Wouldn’t it be a big relief to know what you’re here for – what your deeper purpose might be - and to get clear answers and guidance about exactly what to do next?

Well, you can!  You can get clear answers and inner guidance that is exactly right for you, and be able to create what your heart deeply desires: the answers really are inside you.

Sometimes you just need some assistance to ‘connect the dots’ – to journey into your inner universe and discover the true you.    


Helix light work has impacted me in multiple ways to bring focus and clarity into stepping into my power and embracing change! I highly recommend working with Linda as her guidance is priceless.

Joey W. - Educator and Marketer

Where do you start?

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