Why call this Helix Lightwork?
“Helix” means spiral, and this is the natural motion of everything in the created universe, including the vortices of light that we use in lightwork. You can see this spiral in spiral galaxies, in the Fibonacci spiral that shows up in sunflowers and ferns, in the motion of electromagnetic light – and everything else in between! Our universe is basically made up of dancing spinning light.

We also call this shamanic lightwork is because it is really about Oneness - about working with the space of creation together with created light.

How did all this come about?

How I came to be working with spaces and light (aka shamanic lightwork) on a vast scale is a story of love – falling in love with the beauty of life, with what’s real and true, with my Being and I AM, with all the amazing magical things we can do, and with receiving profound channeled information that is seemingly infinite.  I love this way of being, and I love this work.  Doing lightwork is so joyous, so ‘trippy’, so incredibly amazing. 

The Winding Road Through Energy Modalities

Prior to working with light frequencies, I had a decade of working with energies and body processes, collecting practitioner certificates along the way as many do.  I started with EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), then moved on to Emotion Code, Body Code, Meta-Medicine (which became Meta-Health, then Advanced Clearing Energetics with Richard Flook), NLP TimeLine therapy and Matrix Re-imprinting, Provocative Therapy, Christie Marie Sheldon’s Love or Above, Access Consciousness, and finally, encountered the concepts of Dominant Space (“Be the Space You Truly Are”) and Oneness with Dr. Graziano Dominici.  (For more about the more personal side of my journey, click here.)

One challenge I was given by Graziano was to write, every day for ten days, ten things I love and ten things I’m good at.  “And,” he said, “I know you’ll do it longer than that.”  I felt like sticking out my tongue – so you know my obsessive-compulsive tendencies for thoroughness, do you?? And of course, that is exactly what I did – for months.

Light Abilities Emerge Spontaneously

A few months later, when I was doing body processes for a friend, I had an urge work with my hands off her body, holding them fairly still in the air.  It felt like nothing was happening, certainly not the familiar sensations of energy body processes I was familiar with, and I realized that the vibrations were so high and so fine they were almost imperceptible.

Eventually I realized I was working with some kind of light, but it was entirely intuitive and I knew nothing about it.  When I mentioned this to Graziano, he smirked (if it is possible in chat) and attributed this to the months-long exercise I had been doing.  Seriously?

Lightwork with Crystals

In 2017, I was asked by the owner of a crystal store if I would lead some “meditation sessions for the earth” and give a talk on pyramids. Little did I know how significant this development would be!  As I researched pyramids, I realized that the scalar light coming out the top of pyramids (still active in the Bosnian pyramid) is what I had begun to use in the bodywork I was doing.  Things started to make sense!

In the meditation sessions, Metatron was my ‘tutor,’ and would tell me what to say when we did the meditations.  Basically, we would ask for whatever I was told to ask for, and the ‘big team’ working with us would carry it out. Gradually this clear channeled instruction became more intuitive as I began to get it from my Being.  We came to realize that the ‘big team’ consists of trillions of Beings from a variety of dimensions and realms who were – and still are – working with us.

The Light Vortex

While researching pyramids, I came across a ‘recipe’ for creating a standing columnar wave of light (with four counter-rotating light vortices), and we began to use this immediately in our meditations. It still forms the basis of the lightwork we do today, and this non-Hertzian ‘light material,’ as well as the light column, can be used in a variety of ways for a variety of purposes.  I believe this powerful light column technology is galactic in origin – maybe much farther back than we might think.

Sacred Geometry

At the crystal store, I was also encouraged to learn about sacred geometry and these geometric shapes became an integral part of how we worked with the light.  One of the shapes I was asked to create with light, in a session for the city of Toronto, had 14 sides.  I was confused because it was not a platonic solid that I had learned about; I thought I was mistaken and it should have been a dodecahedron (12 sides).  Months later I found it on the internet as a powerful spiritual shape which, when projected in a certain way, fits the shape known as Metatron’s Cube. No accident!

What is Lightwork?

I called what we were doing ‘lightwork,’ because we were truly working with light! At this early stage I had no idea that anyone else in the world was doing this kind of work with light – it was all channeled information at this point.  Later, when I began to do more online research, I saw that there were people doing that – and more – all over the world!! And had been doing it for decades, as far as I could see (and of course for much, much longer, since this information has come to us from our galactic colleagues). They are also working with a variety of light grids, sacred geometry and spirals, crystals, powerful natural earth formations, stargates, creating vortices and portals, as well as lots of other fascinating stuff!

After the sessions, we would share things we had experienced and seen, and look at each other like, did we really do that?  Are we being grandiose here?  These were powerful and seemingly magical sessions. We were working with natural features of the earth, all over the world, out into space, below the surface of the earth – nothing was off limits, and it was powerful work. We worked with various grids in a variety of dimensions – it was so amazing! We are still doing these lightwork sessions, and they continue to evolve.

Since we were in a crystal store, and with the blessing of the owner, we created crystal grids and configurations in the room where we did our lightwork sessions – each week a different configuration that supported the work we were doing.  It was all intuitive, and often collaborative, and the ‘vibes’ in that room were very high!

Our main work with the earth came to completion in about May of 2017, and switched over to working more with humanity, and we stopped doing our sessions at the crystal store.  It was time to move onto other things!

Galactic Nature Lightwork Retreat

I intuitively got to do a retreat and I was on the lookout for a place to do it.  I had joined a healing cooperative on Meetup, but never went to any sessions until early May that year, when I felt moved to go to one of their introductory Meetups.  I arrived as they were telling their membership that they had just got access to retreat land up in the Muskokas!  Wow!  I immediately joined the cooperative, and was on the land the next week for preliminary work with the land.  This work with the land carried on through the summer and early fall.

This retreat on the 2017 September Equinox was a magical galactic leadership bootcamp.  I was telepathically given all the content, all the very detailed and busy schedule, and the title, by the Council of the Ancients, with whom I had meetings all July.  It was titled (by them), “Nature Lightwork Retreat. Embracing the Divine Feminine.  Multi-dimensional Connections: A Gathering Place.”  Some sessions were labeled as “Consultations by Topic with Multi-Dimensionals.” I had no idea what to expect in these sessions!

At the retreat, there were trillions of beings (not visible) in attendance, watching the proceedings and being involved in the various activities. The sky was literally full!  The stories about that retreat could fill a book, and we still have no real idea of the magnitude of what was taking place those five days. I feel so privileged to be a part of such a vast endeavor. 

Stone Circles in Ireland

After the retreat, I barely had time to catch my breath before I was moved to go to Ireland for six weeks. This was not just a pleasure trip (though it is amazing and magical); I was working with light columns and stone circles everywhere I went, in Northern Ireland, the Isle of Man, and the Republic of Ireland, where I spent the most time.  It felt like coming home, and it’s been ‘home’ over and over and over again, in many forms. 

My psychiatrist brother-in-law planted a ‘wedgie’ when he said before I left for Ireland, “Make sure you take time to heal the healer!”  While that was unwelcome (I was very addicted to helping and healing), I remembered it, and made space for sessions with a shaman and an angel healer in Ireland. When I came home, I became a hermit and started the deep inner journey of healing my heart and becoming, in this body, who I truly am.  This journey of awakening, I’ve realized, is infinite – we never really ‘arrive’ and that is actually a very wonderful thing!  There are more and more layers of discovery awaiting us – beyond this life, beyond this body – and it never ends.

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